Our company is commissioned in 2008 by opening Balgat Ankara under the name of Sedna, was established forproduction of large size ladies apparel.

Sedna, diversity of products provided by the existing stock, reasonable pricing and quality service has become a leading company in the textile industry in a short time. Increased capacity in 2008, this time increased its product range and customer demands, without compromising the quality of product range to clients, especially at home all summer and winter has managed to become a sought-after companies.

Product supply, fabric selection, packaging stages are utmost attention to quality and customer needs, high quality products, competitive prices and satisfaction of our customers are provided with timely delivery.


Needs and demands of our clients' expectations for Sedna strive to fulfill. Continuous improvement of the quality and reliabilityof our products is high for this will be essential. Quality by removing the highest levels in the period ahead with better quality products, better quality service mentality will continue our way.


Our goal as a single large size women's clothing Sedna: quality product, quality service, timely delivery, the first brand in mind is to become the indisputed customer satisfaction.